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Thursday, October 26, 2023

Create Gorgeous Mobile UI with These Design Templates


Building visually stunning mobile apps and websites quickly can be a challenge, especially for those without advanced design skills. However, with the abundance of pre-made mobile UI templates available today, anyone can easily integrate beautiful, professional-looking interfaces into their mobile projects.

This article provides an overview of gorgeous, ready-to-use mobile UI templates that can help you swiftly build eye-catching mobile apps and websites. We'll cover sources for both free and premium templates across various categories, highlighting ones that follow best practices for mobile UX and accessibility.

Defining Mobile UI Design

Mobile UI design involves crafting intuitive interfaces and experiences optimized for smartphones and tablets. Compared to desktop sites, mobile UIs require accounting for much smaller screens, touch interactions, device mobility, and other constraints.

Key elements of excellent mobile UI design include:

  • Intuitive navigation and menus
  • Support for gestures like swiping, scrolling, tapping
  • Responsive layouts that adapt to any screen size
  • Visual consistency across the app/site

The focus is on creating seamless, usable mobile experiences. Quality templates incorporate the latest mobile UI and UX best practices to allow building such experiences faster.

Sources for Mobile UI Templates

There are many sources to find mobile UI templates, both free and premium. This section covers top places, highlighting their key strengths and limitations.

General Design Template Sites

Popular design template marketplaces like Envato, Creative Market, and UI8 offer a wide selection of templates for websites, apps, and more. Most provide filters to find mobile-optimized options.


  • Huge variety of modern, high-quality templates.
  • Premium sites ensure professionally designed assets.
  • Easy to browse, search, and filter selections.


  • Premium templates can get quite expensive. Limited free options.
  • Some outdated designs and trends.
  • Constrained flexibility to modify templates.

Specialized Mobile Template Providers

Tools like Canva, Instabug, Marvel, and Adobe XD focus specifically on mobile app templates. They provide integrations and plugins tailored for popular mobile tools and frameworks. Their streamlined workflows simplify mobile prototyping and design.


  • Specialized for mobile use cases.
  • Integrates with mobile dev environments.
  • Useful for early concepting stages.


  • Very limited customization options.
  • Cannot export or reuse all assets.
  • Not optimized for production.

Float UI's open-source mobile UI components stand out by being fully customizable to fit any project need.

Comparison of Template Sources

Source Pros Cons
General Sites Variety, Quality Cost, Customization
Specialized Tools Mobile Focus, Integrations Limited Flexibility
Float UI Customizable, Open Source Early Development Only

What Makes a Good Mobile UI Template

When evaluating mobile UI templates, a few key criteria determine quality:

Layout and Responsiveness

Excellent mobile templates have adaptive, responsive layouts that rescale and reflow content for any device size. This requires relative units like percentages or viewport units, media queries, and mobile-first grids.

Specific examples include:

  • Navigation menus that collapse into "hamburger" icons on smaller screens.
  • Image galleries with columns stacking vertically on mobile.
  • Cards and widgets seamlessly adapting their layout.

Other considerations:

  • Proper touch target sizing for buttons, links, tabs - at least 48px.
  • Avoid fixed widths/heights that break responsiveness.


Mobile templates should comply with accessibility standards through:

  • Sufficient color contrast ratios (4.5:1 minimum).
  • ARIA roles for screen readers.
  • Keyboard navigation support.
  • Text alternatives for images/icons.
  • No reliance on hover interactions.

Meeting WCAG 2.1 AA standards ensures accessibility for all users. Float UI incorporates these standards into all components.


The ability to modify and customize a template is essential for matching a brand or design system. Consider:

  • Editable styles, colors, and fonts.
  • Reusable layouts, widgets, and components.
  • Available source files like Sketch, Figma, XD.
  • Code export options.

Float UI is fully open source for unlimited customization.

Top Mobile UI Templates

Below are some specific examples of high-quality mobile UI templates to consider:

Canva iOS Mobile Kit

Canva's free iOS mobile kit provides device frames and basic app layouts. The drag-and-drop editor simplifies prototyping iOS designs.


  • Easily mock up iOS layouts.
  • Requires no design expertise.


  • Very limited components and customization.
  • Low fidelity prototypes only.

Adobe XD Mobile Templates

Adobe XD offers free mobile app templates with multiple screens and flows for iOS, Android, and responsive web.


  • High-fidelity visual designs.
  • Variety of templates.
  • Exportable assets.


  • Requires Adobe XD.
  • Limited style customization.

Material Design Mobile Template

This free, open source mobile template includes Material Design components like cards, forms, buttons, etc.


  • Open source code.
  • Material Design system.
  • Basic mobile patterns.


  • Requires development work.
  • Very basic styling.

And for those seeking fully customizable, production-ready templates, Float UI's components are a great fit.


Quality mobile UI templates help you swiftly craft stunning mobile interfaces without extensive design expertise. Leverage both free and paid sources, but watch for limitations in flexibility.

Focus on templates with responsive, accessible layouts aligned with mobile best practices. Evaluate them across criteria like customization and documentation. With the abundance of options available today, anyone can build beautiful mobile experiences that users will love.