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Tailwind UI Free

At Float UI, we believe in making web development faster and more accessible for everyone.
Explore our collection of handcrafted, open-source Tailwind CSS components that you can use in your projects without any cost.

Float UI is a collection of modern UI components and website templates built on top of React/Nextjs with Tailwind CSS. It offers several benefits for web development, including:

  1. Consistent and polished designs: Float UI provides a cohesive set of components with a unified visual language, ensuring consistency in design and enhancing the overall user experience.
  2. Increased productivity: With Float UI's intuitive customizable styles, developers can work more efficiently, iterate quickly, and focus on implementing business logic and user interactions.
  3. Lightweight and performant: Float UI is designed to prioritize performance without sacrificing functionality. The library is optimized for speed and efficiency, enabling faster load times and smooth interactions, resulting in a snappy and delightful user experience.
  4. Saves development time and effort: Float UI's extensive collection of pre-designed components significantly reduces the time and effort required for visual design, allowing developers to focus on implementing business logic.
  5. Extensible: Float UI is not only powerful out of the box but also highly extensible. Developers can extend its functionality with custom modifiers and integrate it with other libraries.

Overall, Float UI is a versatile and powerful tool for creating dynamic, responsive, and engaging web interfaces. It is free, open-source, and backed by a helpful community support.

Supported Frameworks

Float UI offer components created with React, Vue.js, Svelte, HTML,
and Alpine.js. Additionally, we leverage the following libraries for interactive components: