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Friday, October 20, 2023

Free templates design FloatUI's open-source UI library


Creating beautiful, responsive websites can be challenging, especially for those without advanced coding skills. Website templates provide an easy starting point, but many carry restrictive licensing or lack customization options.

FloatUI offers an extensive library of free templates design and UI components for building modern websites. As an open-source project, FloatUI provides templates and components that can be used in any project for free.

In this post, we'll explore FloatUI's selection of templates and UI components. We'll see how they enable rapid prototyping and creation of polished, mobile-ready sites with minimal effort.

Overview of FloatUI's UI Component Library

FloatUI provides a wide selection of pre-made HTML/CSS components covering all common interface elements. With over 15 responsive, customizable components like buttons, menus, modals, tables, and more, you can fully scaffold website interfaces without having to build everything from scratch.

Some notable components include:

  • Buttons - 10 colorful button styles with hover animations. Easily add custom colors/effects.
  • Navigation Menus - Mobile-friendly navbars and side menus. Configure links, styling, behaviors.
  • Cards - Flexible content containers for images, text, links. Adjustable styling.
  • Modals - Accessible pop-up dialog windows. Customizable triggers and content.
  • Tables - Sortable, filterable, and responsive tables. Change styles, add pagination.

With a robust selection of interface building blocks, you can put together full-featured sites and apps faster. And everything integrates seamlessly with Tailwind CSS.

For example, adding a pre-made modal dialog is as easy as:

<!-- Import FloatUI -->
<script src="https://cdn.floatui.com/floatui.min.js"></script>

<!-- Add Modal -->
  Modal content here  

Customizing Components

While FloatUI delivers polished components out of the box, you can tweak every aspect to match your brand using CSS, utility classes, and provided props.

Change colors, sizes, effects, behaviors, and more. For instance, you can give the button component a pink background and box-shadow effect:

<f-button class="bg-pink-500 shadow-lg">
  Custom Pink Button 

Such customization flexibility helps seamlessly adapt components to any design system.

FloatUI's Selection of Free Website Templates

In addition to the component library, FloatUI offers free templates design for full websites and pages. With complete, pre-made templates for landing pages, blogs, dashboards, and more, you can start projects faster and rapidly build prototypes.

Template categories include:

  • Landing pages - Lead capture and sales pages.
  • Blogs - Magazine, personal, and news sites.
  • Portfolios - For showcasing work and projects.
  • Admin dashboards - For data-rich web apps.
  • More like pricing, help center, and email templates.

The templates save you from starting from an empty page every time. And you can fully customize their content, styling, and functionality to create unique sites.

Using and Customizing Templates

Integrating a FloatUI template is straightforward:

  • Pick a template like the Appify landing page.
  • Copy over its HTML, CSS, JS assets into your project.
  • Install any dependencies like FloatUI components.
  • Start editing the template by tweaking colors, text, layouts, etc!

For example, you can quickly create a unique landing page by:

  • Changing the header logo and colors
  • Modifying the hero section's copy and graphics
  • Adding new components like testimonials

Leveraging the templates as starting points enables creating visually appealing, mobile-ready websites with very little effort.

Key Advantages of FloatUI Templates

Some key advantages of using FloatUI's open-source templates:

  • Completely free - Use in unlimited projects without restrictions.
  • Full customization - 100% editability with HTML/CSS/JS access.
  • Latest web standards - Optimized code and performance.
  • Mobile-friendly - Responsive and accessible by design.
  • Growing library - New templates added regularly.

Overall, the templates greatly accelerate building modern sites and prototypes.


FloatUI provides one of the most extensive libraries of free templates design and UI components for crafting beautiful, responsive websites.

With pre-made solutions for all common interface needs, customizable code, and full page templates to start projects faster, FloatUI enables rapid web development for all skill levels.

We encourage you to explore FloatUI's selection of templates and components to see how they can help you build your next project faster and easier. The libraries are continuously growing, so bookmark the site to stay updated on new additions!