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Saturday, October 28, 2023

UI design kit helps build stunning sites fast


Creating beautiful, modern websites can be a challenge, especially for those without advanced design skills. However, the new Float UI UI design kit aims to change that by providing pre-built, responsive components to accelerate development. With drag-and-drop widgets tailored for today's UIs, anyone can craft stunning, professional sites in a fraction of the time.

The kit includes commonly used interface elements like navigation menus, image galleries, cards, buttons, forms, and more. Designed by UI experts, the components follow proven design principles and web development best practices out of the box. This means your sites will not just look great, but be intuitive, accessible, and easy to use right from the start.

Whether you're a developer, marketer, or business owner, this design system can help you create responsive, elegant sites tailored to your brand without needing extensive technical skills. Read on to learn how it works and the benefits for rapid web development.

UI Kit Overview and Key Features

The UI kit includes over 40 modular, responsive components for scaffolding fully-functional web interfaces quickly. Since they're built using HTML, CSS, and JS, they integrate easily into any tech stack. Key features include:

Fully Responsive and Mobile-Friendly

All components gracefully adapt across screen sizes using CSS media queries and fluid layouts. Headers seamlessly transform from horizontal nav bars on desktop to "hamburger" menus on phones. Content stacks vertically on smaller views. This means you can build your site once to look stunning on any device.

Accessible and Inclusive

The kit follows WCAG 2.1 AA compliance standards for supporting users with disabilities. Components incorporate ARIA landmarks, keyboard navigation, color contrast ratios, alt text, and more. This helps make your site accessible to everyone.

Highly Customizable

While the kit provides ready-made UIs, you have full control to customize styles, branding, interactions, and logic using CSS, JS, and popular frameworks like React. Override styles or tweak the source code directly.

Designed By Professionals

The kit's components follow validated design principles endorsed by Google, Nielsen Norman Group, and other UX authorities. This gives your site credibility and familiarity.

Open Source and Free

As an MIT-licensed open source project, the kit is free to use and modify. This makes professional UI design accessible to everyone.

UI kit usage example

Example of the UI kit integrated into a homepage design with navigation, hero, cards, and footer.

Integrating Into Your Tech Stack

The UI kit works with any web technology and framework. Install via npm or download from GitHub. Then:

  • Import kit CSS and JS assets into your template/app entry point
  • Add required component HTML markup
  • Customize styles and interactions as needed

Here's an example using the Button component in React:

import { Button } from '@float-ui/kit'

function App() {
  return (
    <Button variant="primary">
      Click Me

You have full control to modify components or use them as inspirations for custom UIs.

Accelerated Development Velocity

Compared to building from scratch, the kit accelerates development by providing proven, vetted UI patterns upfront. Instead of weeks crafting basic buttons and menus, you can focus on your app's unique logic and features. Sites can be prototyped and iterated faster.

Intuitive Interfaces

Following established UX principles and interface conventions results in sites that are more intuitive and familiar to users. Visitors instantly understand where to click and how to navigate. This leads to higher conversion rates and engagement.

Lower Costs

As open source software, the UI kit is free compare to hiring designers or paying for tools and templates. Combined with faster development, it saves engineering time and resources.

Consistent User Experiences

By using standardized components conforming to design best practices, sites have a cohesive experience across pages and features. This strengthens branding and reduces cognitive load for visitors.

Next Steps for Rapid Web Development

Ready to start building better, faster sites? You can get started with the UI kit today:

  • Download on GitHub: https://github.com/org/uikit
  • Install via npm: npm install @float-ui/kit
  • Use the free CDN: https://ui-kit.cdn.com

Follow the documentation for code samples, API references, and guides. We welcome your feedback and feature requests!

Explore more templates and resources for rapidly building high-quality sites at FloatUI.com. With the UI kit and other tools, you can craft beautiful interfaces quicker than ever before. We can't wait to see what you create!


The Float UI design kit empowers developers, designers, and businesses to build stunning, modern websites faster with pre-made components. Following proven design principles, the responsive building blocks create sites that are intuitive, accessible, and tailored to any brand.

Compared to alternatives, integrating the kit accelerates development velocity, improves UX quality, and reduces costs. Sites made with it reach more users and convert visitors into customers easier.

We encourage you to try the open source UI kit and other resources for leveling up your next web project. The FloatUI community looks forward to seeing the incredible interfaces you build!